Receiving audio from a particular ableton track

    Jul 30 2013 | 11:55 am
    Hi, is it possible to get an audio signal from a single specified audio track in ableton?
    I need another way that doesn't involve the output_meter_level
    the plugin~ works but is not track specific

    • Jul 31 2013 | 11:47 am
      maybe change the track input with your max device on it to the track you want to get audio from?
      (this can also be changed manually from your patch)
    • Jul 31 2013 | 7:29 pm
      Sorry, I didn't outline my problem enough.
      I have found a workaround but i had to use two devices.
      Basically, I built a 'Sidechain' Device where you can switch on/off VSTs when audio is detected or not present......
      First I got the Amplitude data using the L.O.M and Live API from Abletons Track Level meter, but it's got this strange hold/fade thing where once the audio has stopped (instead of shooting straight down) It slowly fades down.
      If a live.meter is attached to a plugin~ object it responds correctly to the incoming audio. But it takes arguments & can't be configured to be track specific, so i had to build a seperate device, with Sends that has to be put in the track that you want to sidechain from.
      just wondered if there was a 'one device' solution