recipe 37 with - words coordinates, how to ?

    Oct 13 2010 | 10:26 am
    Greetings , i am trying to emulate Andrew Benson's receipe 36 or 37 (tiny video or shatter) with text instead of using quads filled with textures. i am not sure how i could map coordinates for the words feeding []. as there is a big quantity of words, using a [jit.iter] process out of a coordinates matrix will put my computer to the knees . i also would like to avoid using quads filled with text mapped as a texture ( as shown in a recent post by Andrew Benson ) , as i need the text to be as sharp as possible . i also would like to be able to change the transparency of each single word or repeat several of them for instance. this is why a matrix based system seems the most appropriate with a matrix for coordinates, another one for transparency etc... but i can't figure out yet how to map my matrices to my [] object. any input is welcome, will try to post patches soon .