record~ not recording?? What am I doing wrong?

    Oct 25 2012 | 5:59 pm
    I've been working on a patch for the past week or so trying to get it finished in time for a recital. So far it's just a techno-type beat & bass & chord maker, but I'd like to throw in a couple beat manglers (it essentially allows you to cut up and play different parts of an audio file in whatever order you like; gives it a nice glitchy sound) in so I can have something fun to play with in a live setting.
    The issue is that I need to record whatever is coming out of the bass, drums, and chord generators into a couple different buffers for the beat manglers to use. I think I have everything hooked up right, but the record~ objects are telling me that they aren't recording anything when I hit my record toggle. Help?
    It's a pretty big mess right now, but I'm hoping someone here can sift through the nonsense and see what the issue is. If there are any other suggestions as to how I can clean this up and make it more efficient, let me know. If you have issues getting the thing to work at all let me know as well. I *think* it's self-explanatory, but then again I made it so it makes sense to me...
    I also don't have enough space to upload the "wholething.wav" file that I'm using for my drum beats. If you'd like that I could probably just link it via Dropbox or something, but I'm not sure if that's kosher on the forums...
    Also: in case you'd like to see the Beat Mangler I'm using: (it's a variation of another Beat Mangler I've found somewhere, I just condensed it down so it'd look pretty in a bpatcher.