recording during groove~ playback

    Mar 06 2006 | 4:20 pm
    i try to record~ in a buffer~ , and in the same time, reading this
    buffer with a groove~ obj
    the patch works well under MAX/MSP.
    But when i use it as a VST plug, each time i read a part of the
    buffer content (via plugmidiin) DURING the recording (on the same
    buffer or on another) it creates big clicks in the buffer i'm
    recording with...
    a sort of big full scale value is sent to the record~ object each
    time a midi event is received (in fact each time i access the buffer
    with groove~)
    is this a known issue ?

    • Mar 11 2006 | 12:14 am
      Vix Neiv wrote:
      No, but maybe a stripped down example....
      In general, even if it would be a known issue (search the archives if
      you believe so), an example patch for this kind of problems is the key
      for anybody to look at the problem. Then its easy to test.
      Its unlikely that one of the knowledgeable people would construct a
      patch out of your description to test it, because its unlikely that its
      a real problem, its more likely a bug in your patch and nobody creates
      the same bugs as you do, they are unique (and the community has a right
      to learn from them ... ;-).
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