recording long performance with jit.vcr - opinions?

    Dec 14 2010 | 7:56 am
    I was wondering if anyone has used jit.vcr to record anything longer than an hour.
    From what I've found on the forums, jit.vcr isnt that stable. From my own personal experience jit.vcr takes up an enormous amount of space and records at a low quality.
    Im trying to decide between an actual vcr, a tivo, or jit.vcr. This is the closing of our show and recording the opening failed miserably so id like to get it right.
    So my questions are: Will jit.vcr be reliable for 1 + hours of recording? What codec would you recommend for highest quality? Will recording at a high quality / or even at all effect a cpu intensive patch? Would you recommend a better option - with a student budget in mind?

    • Dec 14 2010 | 11:29 am
      If your patch is already CPU intensive then I really don't think jit.vcr is going to work for you in this context I'm afraid. Ideally you want another machine/device to record it on and I'm sure someone else can advise you better than me on that.