recording parameters, then they go off by themselves...

    Oct 14 2009 | 3:18 pm
    hello all,
    just a quickie of a question. i have searched the forum, but as such have not come up with an answer, just other posts that dont lead me to the answer.
    i am looking to record parameters i have that control certain things, like reverb etc in my max patch. and when they are recorded, i can stop the recording of the parameters and then they start to take effect by themselves [if this gibberish i am speaking makes any sense ] much like the 'elektron machine drum'. that can record its parameters, which bring out crazy sequences. and when stopped on the recording of the parameters, does the changes by itself.
    if anyone has any link to a forum post that i am sure i have missed that has this question, please do post it on.
    much thanks in advance...

    • Oct 14 2009 | 3:30 pm
      whacka whacka whacka [bit of a pac-man moment there]
      i seemed to have stumbled upon the solution to record etc [mtr]. [see, this is how much i still need to learn, even way after a year of using max]. but now need to make sure it can record in sequences and not just whenever it feels like. will dive into that problem when i finish my work.
      if anyone has any more good ideas, please do share. your help is most appreciated...
    • Oct 14 2009 | 6:22 pm
      ok question to add on.
      does anyone know how i can 'loop' the recorded values that have been recorded into the number boxes when i start the recording and playing of [mtr].
      preferably i would like it so it gets put into a sequencer which is linked to outboard hardware [but i already have that sorted]. it is just making sure the parameters record and then loop. but they have to start looping back at the beginning of the sequence.
      one thing i would like to add for the cycling crew, is maybe employ a looping feature with the [mtr], with bang on the last outlet to then start the loop again. if this is possible.
    • Oct 14 2009 | 9:34 pm
      right, ok. got a nice record function working, and do have a form of looping on the go using [mtr]
      but what i really need is to store the values that have been recorded and let them continue doing their manipulation that i recorded in [if this makes sense] and lastly what i would need, is that if a decide to record some extra edits to values, it keeps the original values and pretty much records over them. so even if i stop recording half way, it will still have the values from previously mixed with the new values.
      so if anyone can make sense of the lines i have typed, please do help.
    • Oct 15 2009 | 4:06 am
      A looping feature with [mtr] would be great. How did you get yours to loop? I've used the leftmost outlet before, as the final value sends out a -1 for duration, as I recall.
      What you're looking for could be either [seq] or [seq~], depending on how many values you want to store. [mtr] is nice for the multitracking, but the others let you work with different rates and with overdubbing. [seq~] is limited by needing to know (approx.) the length before you record, but then you can play it back in all kinds of crazy time-shifting ways...
      A hack for the overdubbing could be to use one [mtr] for each value, so [mtr 1]. Then you can easily select which ones will record, and at which time. Though I'm not sure if this is better than simply multitracking with one [mtr], maybe there's an advantage there. Having a main control umenu for record/play/stop etc.---that goes through gates (presettable) to each [mtr]---is one way to get things timed right and save clicks.
    • Oct 15 2009 | 7:57 am
      aye, exactly, i used the left most outlet, linked to a (play) message. so when yu have a sequence say, it plays it again and agan, until you [gswitch2] it off.
      well i was having another gander and came across the jitter recipes book 2 by andrew benson. and that seems to have a gesture record patch in. i am going to have a look at that and see if it what i need.
      a loop feature would be nice on [mtr]. just to make it easier. it would be nice if it could do recording where it kept the original recording even if record is still on. it should record the new value inputed.