refresh file listing?

    Nov 17 2008 | 8:37 pm
    Hi I'm working with Livid Union, and importing video from mobile phones. The video clips are uploaded to a folder on my harddrive.
    I can load the folder into the preset clip banks manually, but the folder needs to be continuously updated with fresh video from phones.
    I need to have a patch that updates the folder periodically, with (ideally) the following features:
    New clips are loaded into the first preset bank. Old clips are shifted down one preset bank. This would involve counting the number of files, and continuously shifting down as each new file comes in...
    If no-one is working with Union in this way, perhaps someone could just point me to an example patch which deals with reloading or refreshing the list of files in a folder?

    • Nov 17 2008 | 10:27 pm
      take a look at the help file for the [folder] object.