remote control the launchpad

    Oct 18 2011 | 12:44 pm
    i have the following patcher to remote control my launchpad (turn LEDs on and off).
    I'd like to add the
    ' turn on all LEDs'
    'make the buttoms flash'
    The launchpad manual gives me the following information for doing that:
    to turn on all LEDs:
    Decimal version 176, 0, 125-127.
    Make the buttoms flash:
    Velocity= (16 x Green) + Red + Flags
    where Flags = 12 (OCh in hex) for normal use;
    8 to make the LED flash, if configured;
    0 if using double-buffering.
    Can anybody tell me please how to insert this in my patcher? I'm not a great midi specialist.
    thanx a lot.