rendering GL multiple angles simultaneously

    Sep 26 2007 | 11:57 pm
    Ok I have an idea of which I'm trying to implement right now and wish to discuss with some of the wonderful minds within this forum.
    I want to take two computers and render the same scene from two different angles. I wish to use textures and shader programs to create the image. I know this would be probably simpler on one computer but I wish to share the cpu load and possibly extend it to 20000 computers ;).
    My current idea was to use one render object on the one PC render from one angle.. write to window and then render other angle and using and the glreadpixel method to matrix, transfer that matrix to the other comp to display the second angle. CONS: not sharing much resources.
    Second idea was to just have two copies of the same patch on both computers and then send a metro to both to syncronize rendering of the two scenes. CONS: feasible gl exploration is determined by crappiest video card. Not to mention both renderings falling out of possible sync.
    Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated... obvious exploration ongoing.

    • Sep 27 2007 | 1:40 am
      not sure what the end result you're trying to achieve is (multiple projection screens?, composited textures?, network video game?).
      if it's multiple computers to multiple screens of the same gl scene from different angles, i would have each computer rendering the scene as fast as it can (qmetro 5). in addition each computer would have a "timeline" of instructions (pattr) which gets controlled by some sort of network sync (metro 100 -> mxj.maxhole). you can either periodically send out a sync message to make sure all computers are at the same position in the "timeline", or have all computers keep a counter of the current position. i think the sync message would work best.
    • Sep 27 2007 | 2:02 am
    • Sep 27 2007 | 7:01 am
      ok here is an example using hacked examples from the forum. It could use some stream lining forsure. Ideally I'm only rendering once to the local jit.window at one angle and once to a local matrix at the other angle.
      pS. thanks for the sharing is fun threads!!!