Rendering to jit.matrix

    Sep 27 2012 | 12:58 am
    "Hardware vs. Software Rendering: One of the great advantages about using OpenGL for rendering graphics is that most of the work can be done by the graphics accelerator hardware in your computer, freeing the CPU up for other work such as generating audio. When drawing into jit.window objects or jit.pwindow objects, the hardware renderer can be used. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the current system software (Mac OS 9) the hardware renderer cannot draw directly into jit.matrix objects. This is not a limitation inherent in OpenGL, and may change in the future. Now, however, this means that drawing directly into Jitter matrices is significantly slower than drawing to jit.window or jit.pwindow objects, especially for complex scenes or those involving textures. "
    is this still the case or newer openGL implementations can use GPU for rendering into matrices?