Request for context menu

    Sep 14 2006 | 3:52 pm
    Would it be possible to add a point for the context menu of a bpatcher?
    It would be nice, if I could open the help file of the loaded subpatcher.
    Just under the point 'Open Original "MyBpatch"' another 'Open Help for
    The same would be wonderfull for poly~ and pfft~, or in general any
    object that loads another subpatcher...
    Or maybe just on alt-click will open the help file for the loaded
    patcher instead of the help file of bpatcher/poly~/pfft~...
    As it does work already with js and mxj....
    The reason is: with the wonderfull prototypes feature finally a sort of
    UI-abstractions have arrived. I take the bpatch click-hold, select my
    prototype and its as if I had my own entry for an UI-object.
    But help files are so convenient, even for my own abhaXions...
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