Request for Live API

    Sep 24 2015 | 3:38 am
    To do with MIDI and audio clips in the arrangement view, I can accept that there would be no easy way to navigate to them within the current LOM, but can they at least have IDs assigned to them upon creation?
    At the moment clips will have IDs assigned when they become a "detail clip", as in, the clip is selected and displays in the clip view. This would be fine except that when multiple clips are selected, none of them become a detail clip and none are assigned IDs. So even if I have a bunch of clips that all have IDs, when I copy or duplicate them together, the new copies will be non-existent as far as the API goes.
    Basically, I would like to have access to all clips within a set, whether they're in the session view (already possible) or the arrangement view. Even if it's not possible to have a nice path like "live_set tracks 0 arrangement_clips 0", if they're at least assigned an ID upon creation (rather than upon becoming detail clips) then I can loop through all IDs and identify them and their contents.