requested: Jitter users in Chicago for mini-presentations

    Jun 08 2006 | 4:35 am
    I'd be interested in being contacted by any
    Jitter people in the Chicago area who're doing
    work in the area of video/installation that
    they'd feed comfortable talking about to the
    attendees for an upcoming Max/MSP/Jitter workshop
    to be held at the Experimental Sound Studios up
    on N. Ravenswood from Wed. 14 June to Sat. 17
    June. If your work and schedule are a good fit,
    it'd involve doing a very short informance in
    either the early afternoon (1 PM) or late afternoon
    (4 PM) about your work and how you use Max. In
    addition to a chance to inspire a whole generation
    of beginning users, there would be a modest
    honorarium involved.
    Please email me directly with a description of
    your work and availability, and I'll be in touch.
    I mean no disrespect to Max audio users, but I
    think we've got that end of things well covered.
    Thanks for your consideration. We now return you
    to your list already in progress.
    gregory taylor