Restoring pattr to matrix

    Apr 08 2006 | 6:00 pm
    I have 8 different pattr objects set up to my matrixctrl which I am using as drum machine step sequencer. This all works fine but if I store the pattr's to pattrstorage as a pattern and recall it, it doesnt update the matrixcrtl till I have changed the selected drum pattern. The reason for this is that there is a temp pattr which stores the pattr temporarily before sending it to the appropriate pattr.
    The way round this, which I am trying, would be to know which pattr (drum 1 , drum 2 etc) was currently selected. Then upon recalling a pattern have it send the appropriate info to the temp pattr so that it is displayed.
    I tried doing this by sending the pattrstorage the message "getdrum1:: temppattern" so as to show drum 1 when a new pattern is recalled. It gave some strange results, it seemed to do something like what I wanted but would copy values over to other patterns and what drum I deceided to send in the get.... message would show up in the clientwindow as "recall 1" or "recall 2" etc instead of the data.
    Any ideas?