restrict width and height on mop initialization

    May 27 2012 | 4:53 pm
    Hello, I would like to create a mop with 0 input and 1 output and restrict the matrix info to be "4 char 640 480".
    How can I restrict the matrix width and height?
    in order to set the type and planecount I use jit_mop_single_type and jit_mop_single_planecount. it seems like there is no such utility function for the dimensions.
    I tried:
    p = jit_object_method(mop, _jit_sym_getoutput, 1);
    m = jit_object_method(p, _jit_sym_matrix);
    jit_object_method(m, _jit_sym_getinfo, &info);
    jit_attr_setlong_array(&info, _jit_sym_dim, 2, dims);
    but m returns null.
    Any suggestions? Thanks a lot
    PS: I realize too late that this post belongs to the dev section. I apologize for the mistake.