ReWire driver

    Mar 19 2008 | 10:39 am

    • Mar 19 2008 | 4:28 pm
      Has a host with the rewire installer included been loaded onto that system?
      It should have installed the "rewire DLL"
      The reason why that error message sounds goofy on Mac is because the MaxMSP rewire implementation was written on Windows.
      Otherwise I think you might be able to grab a rewire 1.7 installer from the Propellerheads website. I believe that MaxMSP 4.6.3 installs the correct bits as well.
    • Mar 20 2008 | 9:37 am
      Thanks Andrew - I grabbed the ReWire installer from the Propellerheads site and we're good to go. I am wondering however, why installing Max/MSP Runtime on this machine doesn't appear to have installed ReWire? Should I be telling users to get the Propellerheads installer, or is this just some kind of local snafu ? cheers Roger
    • Mar 20 2008 | 3:23 pm
      The runtime doesn't install the rewire libs.
      So if the rewire libs have not been installed, or need to be updated, you'll need to achieve this somehow.
      I guess options range from including a note in your readme all the way up to building your own custom installer.
      -- thinking about this a bit more - it's usually the hoat which does the rewire installation, in most cases I think you would be ok.