Sep 21 2011 | 8:56 pm
    This is my patch someone please help me set this up so I can easily send the noteout messages to reason so instead of the midi piano sound max/msp has it is sounding thru reason...I cannot figure it out at all every time I try I get no sound or my ezdac shuts off someone please shed some light!!!

    • Sep 21 2011 | 10:06 pm
      Why don't you begin with trying the example I send you instead of immediately starting a new thread about this ?
    • Sep 22 2011 | 1:13 am
      I tried...but it was no use I couldn't quite figure out what needed to be connected to get sound out of reason I tried everything I could think of.
    • Sep 22 2011 | 5:48 am
      Of course it helps if you're familiar with ReWire in the first place. Also "it didn't work" isn't quite enough info to help you out here.
      For example; did Reason even mention that it was using ReWire ?
      Alas; first make sure Max actually generates sound which you can hear.
      Then, in short; to get started with the critter I wrote you first select rewire device & channels (so 'Reason' and channels 'Mix L' and 'Mix R'). Start Reason and pay attention if its in rewire mode.
      Raise the volume and turn on the sound, then make Reason play something (I suggest using Thor's step sequencer).
      My critter also uses a global receive called "rewire_midout" which you can use to send midi data to the rewire~ device.
      Now, I do agree that the examples on the rewire~ reference page are a bit unclear, and right now I'm tempted to say incorrect as well (but I'd need further testing to be sure).
      Either way, this is what works excellent for me:
      In the situation described above get your Max window and create a new patch using this code.
      This should be all pretty standard, the important detail here however is "prepend midi 0 1". In order to send midi to rewire~ you need to specify that the message is midi data (hence 'midi') and apart from your regular midi data it also needs a (unused) timing code as well as the midi channel index ("midi bus"). You'll notice that the example at the bottom of the rewire~ reference page uses neither, so quite frankly I doubt if that is going to work (haven't tried it myself yet).
      SO; I'm sending midi through channel 1. Next is to tell Reason to get this, here things go a little different than rewiring Reason into your average DAW:
      Pull up Reason, go to the hardware device and select "Adv. midi device". Now pick channel 1 and route it to an instrument. For example the Thor device you pulled in earlier.
      Then, back to the patch, as you play the kslider Reason will process the incoming midi and send the sound back to my 'ReWire controller'.
      The only thing "lacking" in this version of the controller is that it doesn't print or process incoming midi data, but I sorta 'abandoned' this critter after I got myself a full Max license (though I still often use it myself).
      Hope this helps!
    • Sep 23 2011 | 12:31 am
      Thanks Sheluser you've been a lot of help I figured it out!