RGB to HSL and back

    Jan 12 2006 | 10:08 pm
    I'm looking for a simple external which converts an rgb value to hsl and back just like the jitter objects, but for one value instead of a matrix. If it doesn't exist I'll write one myself, but I have a feeling its out there somewhere...

    • Jan 12 2006 | 11:01 pm
      hsv2rgb - color space conversion (circular swatch)
      www.maxobjects.com could have told you, it lists 5 options out of which mine is the only one ported to windows.
    • Jan 12 2006 | 11:25 pm
      thanks Jasch,
      I think I better get some sleep. I already checked hsv2rgb, because I use your library pretty often, but somehow my mind returned "hsv != hsl" doh!
      best, t_
    • Jan 13 2006 | 1:07 am
      but you're mind is right: hsv and hsl are NOT the same, or am I getting completely confused here ?
      if char is ok the easy way to do all kinds of conversions is to fill a matrix of one value, use jit.colorspace and use [jit.iter] to get your output...
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    • Jan 14 2006 | 5:03 pm
      Ah all this color stuff is new to me... I was just now getting confused by the fact that I can't use the hsv "v" value to go from black to white, like you can with hsl, which is what I'm looking for. That explains it. I'll try your solution. Thanks.