rhythm using granular synthesis....

    Jan 31 2006 | 12:58 pm
    Hi,does anybody have some suggestions about granular synthesis. Any book or link that could help me to improve my knowledge in granular synthesis, in particular applied to rhythmic composition. Thank's everybody. Michele.

    • Feb 01 2006 | 1:13 am
      I'm sure some Curtis Road's guru will recommend 'Microsound'. Personally, I must confess I never took the time to read it entirely. *shame* I'm sure it worth it anyway. You'll find some info in 'The Computer Music Tutorial' as well, if I remember well.
      If you want some patches, there are some exemples in the max examples patches. + you can have a look at a patch called Granular~ 2.5. The first that comme to mind. I forgot who's the author, though. The structure is rather clear, so I think it will help to understand. At least it helped me.
    • Feb 01 2006 | 2:57 am
    • Feb 01 2006 | 3:11 am
      Yeah, Curtis Rhodes' 'Microsound' is definitely the current be all - end all on the subject, but sort of, er, extensive for first picking up something. Especially if you're just trying to throw together something to do rhythm work. That's not to say it can't get really complicated, any algorithm can. There are several different topics or techniques on the subject in terms of getting a 'smooth', realistic sound (see Ableton Live) instead of a flutter-y or clipping, noisy sound (see my software). Unforunately, I can't think of a single tutorial or example except for Nobuyasu Sakonda's, which has also been recommended.
      Do you have the basic idea of what's happening in granular synthesis? That's half the battle. I built a pretty easy example with the waveform display and groove~/buffer~ if you'd like to see that . . .
    • Feb 01 2006 | 4:39 am
      This website has information and resources about the subject:
    • Feb 01 2006 | 9:18 am
      There are lots of interesting Granular things in the max archive - Use Search!
      For the rhythm section of you question you could search Google for Nick Collins' BBcut Library - i think you can get it for Csound and definitely for Supercollider - it might give you some ideas of things to try in Max.
    • Feb 01 2006 | 1:29 pm
      On Jan 31, 2006, at 10:11 PM, Daniel Miller wrote: > Yeah, Curtis Rhodes' 'Microsound' is definitely the current be all > - end all on the subject, but sort of, er, extensive for first > picking up something.
      Roads' book is kind the "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Granular Techniques But Were Afraid to Ask."
      I'll make 2 plugs and an offer: 1) My granular toolkit is available for mac and windows. Includes externals and abstractions that will get you started. There is a paper on the toolkit in the "papers" section of my website. Good intro to the process and using the toolkit with MSP. URL in the signature.
      2) I designed the "Greequaincer" for Hipno. It features a 64-step pattern sequencer that feeds the granular processing. The sequence locks to your host tempo and the grains feed into 2 nice delay units. Available for purchase from cycling74.com.
      Offer) If you still need a good intro to granular, email me off list. I can send you the intro chapter from my dissertation. Has lots of pretty figures to clearly explain what's going on.
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