Right "click" on MAX 5

    Apr 24 2008 | 1:32 am
    Max 5 it's great but... where is the right click menu? it's very usefull (on max4) and specialy if you only have one arm! and if you want this Max for the next 20 years i presume that a non working right button on Max makes it the Max for the next 20 seconds! I know... the MAC "soap" only have one button, but the more advanced PC mouse has two or lot more, so... btw, more than one button mouse also work on MAC, or not!?!?
    You probably want to consider that option you have made!
    Sorry if Max5 has right click menu and my computer sucks and don't show it, but if it has, it does not work on my PC... and probably in lots of computers like mine! (no problems with instalation; reasnable times to load, save open and close; CPU usage lower than M4; M4 works fine)
    All the other things that i've explored,... it's all right, and with less CPU usage, what it's good!
    Nice work

    • Apr 24 2008 | 1:44 am
      Ok... sorry!
      Restart computer and it works again, but not realy stable... works only when "he" wants to work!... do you made a Max with personality? just loling!
      Sorry again!