Rotary Sensors and Continuous MIDI data

    Feb 09 2006 | 7:35 pm
    I have the following problem:
    I have a rotary wheel sensor, which gives out MIDI values roughly from 0 to 127. Now, I want to use it to play an audio file by granulation, so that I can roll along the sample. The rotary sensor's midi value jumps to its minimum after it reached its maximum. for now i simply used a counter to get continuous data (0 to a very large number). I don't really know if that won't lead to problems. I want to read every sample in the buffer according to the rotation speed of the wheel. To make the patch understand, that the movement is backwards I want to compare the previous value with the current one. Is there actually an object, that does that for me?
    After scaling the values for very slow movements, I used a line~ object for interpolation. Unfortunately with that it doesn't seem to be possible to play the file faster than it's original speed.
    well, i see how i get on, but any ideas are very much appreciated
    thanx a lot

    • Feb 11 2006 | 12:37 am
      could do it all with groove feed the sample into a circular buffer of about 30 seconds then control the speed of playback with groove maybe. Could scale it so you could have something like -5 to 5 each side - using the wheel like a continuous pitch wheel- hope that helps.
    • Feb 15 2006 | 11:35 am
      Two things to consider: I don't know which continuos Midi rotary you
      use, but I bet you can set it to different modes: The one you want is:
      Increment decrement. turning it right it will spit out low numbers
      (1-5), turning it left it will spit out high numbers (122-127) to be
      interpreted as complementary negative numbers. You then have to
      accumulate these values (the high ones subtracted by 128).
      The soultion beside doing it yourself (what I recommend):
      St.Dialin from my St.ools.
      The other if you can't change the behaviour of your device: I have in my
      abhaXions a abstraction which does the opposite of a modulo operation,
      it will count on... Its called [!%] (to be translated "not modulo".
      Find it at c74/share.
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    • Jun 08 2006 | 11:23 pm
      oh, sorry, i completely forgot this thread, cos time was running out, but ifound solutions in the end. anyway, thank you very much for the suggestions here, it's very much appreciated.