RTC-lib (Realtime Composition Library) for Max5 - just released

    Jan 10 2010 | 12:52 pm
    Dear Maxers!
    Today I released a new version of my RTC-lib (Realtime Composition Library) - a versatile toolbox for algorithmic composition in realtime which I am developing since 1993. This version is optimized for Max5 and includes completely new help files and many improvements.
    More information and free download from www.essl.at.
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Essl Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Institut für Komposition und Elektroakustik

    • Jan 10 2010 | 12:59 pm
      Amazing news! Studying the RTC-lib files and the other works on your web site is what roped me in to using max after I was first introduced to the software at university. Also I think your "Sequitur" series is stunning, thank you Karlheinz.
    • Jan 10 2010 | 5:30 pm
      more great work karlheinz :)
      many thanks for sharing.
    • Jan 10 2010 | 8:13 pm
      many thanks! ..but i'm on windows OS...any version planned for the new 5.0?
    • Jan 10 2010 | 9:09 pm
      I just posted an experimental Windows XP version of RTC-lib 5.0 to:
      where I exchanged the view remaining externals by their Windows equivalents. As I am not working on a PC I have no chance to test it myself - so please use it with care.
      Cheers, --- kHz
    • Jan 11 2010 | 2:57 pm
      Awesome, thanks Karl for all your hard work!
    • Jan 11 2010 | 4:54 pm
      Could some nice soul please tell me whether the Windows version of RTC-lib works?
      Thanks and cheers, --- kHz
    • Jan 11 2010 | 5:05 pm
      Will do
    • Jan 11 2010 | 7:05 pm
      trying the windows release (max novice here) on windows xp sp3 unzipping the files reports password locked directories. eg unable to get the RTC-overview. nothing in the unzipped directory if i choose skip.
    • Jan 11 2010 | 7:22 pm
      --- a bit later
      I tried copying directly from the zip into max-startup (which was read only, 'til I changed). nothing showed, but...
      ... using the browser, i did find a copy of the overview. maybe something to do with the max-startup directory,?
      not sure what to expect from mac sourced zip.
    • Jan 12 2010 | 2:01 pm
      I just posted a (hopefully) Windows compatible ZIP archive with the Windows version of the RTC-lib 5.0 to:
      Please check again!
      Thanks for your patience, --- kHz
    • Jan 12 2010 | 2:49 pm
      I am still getting error when it unzips, it complains about invalid file names.
    • Jan 12 2010 | 9:38 pm
      the most recent zip only reported a problem with the help file in "put content into max startup', requiring a password.
      I think the same file is in 'put content into patchesRTC-libRTC-lib Help Help-Screens'. file is RTC-Overview
      this is from an xp sp3 system, using '7-Zip', in my case.
    • Jan 12 2010 | 9:54 pm
      while poking around last night i was having problems with the audio output. it looks like init_Qt_synth is hardwired to "AU DLS Synth 1"
      I have quicktime but am not sure about a synth. some other examples in 5.1 have a chooser for available targets. Maybe I can learn how to integrate that here.
      called from QT_PercPlayer
    • Jan 12 2010 | 10:22 pm