Running a jitter patch on an Intel Mac

    May 11 2006 | 1:19 pm
    I will be setting up a gallery interactive installation using a jitter patch made on a G4 mac. The gallery is proposing to buy a new intel Mac Mini to run the installion and for future use. Has anyone experience of running jitter patches on runtime in Rosetta? Will it work? Should this be avoided? The patch captures from a DV camera, runs 720 x 576 4 char video through a series of jitter and max objects, then outputs to a full screen jit.window on a projector. It outputs audio from a noteout object through the built in audio. My main concern is stability as opposed to performance (it needs to run by itself for long periods).

    • May 11 2006 | 1:48 pm
      I've tried several patches for a longer time, not really for an installation yet. But a patch almost similar to what you describe and didn't crash during a day.
    • May 11 2006 | 2:28 pm
      Thanks for that. Reassuring...
    • May 11 2006 | 2:32 pm
      ive had standalones built on a g4 running on an intel mac mini for a week at a time with no problem.
      if its stability youre looking for, it should be ok. performance though..
    • May 12 2006 | 8:41 am
      OK spent an evening testing different patches on a Mac Book Pro. Mostly works fine & seems stable. Some problems capturing: the jit.grab object prefers the built-in iSight even when you specify DV input. Got around it with a couple of reboots... Tried two patches which run GL objects and they did not work at all. Maybe Rosetta doesn't translate GL stuff?