runtime mode, OSC protocol

    Apr 27 2013 | 10:13 pm
    A simple question (well, I hope so !) : I develloped a spatialization patch for the sound engineer I'm working with. He uses the patch live in runtime mode (since he doesn't own a licence). Now we would like to add some controls via his iPhone/TouchOSC/OSCulator to control the parameters of the binaural H3D plugin (via the VST~ object). The system works great on my computer but I can't understand where he should install the CNMAT library (I mean, the OSC-route object) on his computer and have it to work since it seems that there's nothing like the search path (Options -> File Preferences ) in runtime mode !
    Thanks for your help, Nakatano.

    • Apr 27 2013 | 10:32 pm
      It doesn't work if he justs puts the externals in the same folder as the patch ?
    • Apr 28 2013 | 7:12 pm
      Thanks Nat,
      I try this and let you know, hope it will work this way !
    • Apr 28 2013 | 7:20 pm
      Great, it seems to work ! I wait for some feedback from my sound engineer and let you know !