runtime & spat

    Oct 11 2012 | 7:58 am
    Hi everybody, I have developed a patch using IRCAM spat objects. I would now use it on a computer running Runtime only. What objects are supported by runtime? Not spat, I think. In this case, copying the spat folder on the remote computer would be enough? Any licence issue for spat? Otherwise I will have to go for collective or standalone, but, still, I would be happy to know what runtime can do. Thanks Simone

    • Oct 12 2012 | 2:54 pm
      the issue here is with spat. Runtime will support any native Max objects, providede it's the latest runtime version, and any external it can access (not really sure how to give runtime specific filepaths without having access to non-runtime). A collective/application will be able to use any object external or not, provided that you included the said object in it, and provided that the said object is active.
      Here the problem is of a licensing one : spat is ircam's and requires special installation (not sure how) and i really don't think it allows anyone to distribute it, even inside a closed patcher ; though i think you can do it if the ircam forum is authorized on the computer which runs the patch, but i'm not sure, it depends on the method of activation of spat, and ultimately you'lllearn about this more on the ircam forum's forums/doc than here. Good luck !