Rustling Leaves


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    Werner de Valk
    Mar 25 2023 | 5:19 pm
    Curious who might be able to help me out. For a sound project I'd like to create a patch that generates a sound rustling leaves. I know that sound of rustling leaves has some similarities with gray noise, but it has much more nuances to it. Maybe someone knows a patch that generates something similar? I have some years of experience with Max MSP, but I find myself not knowing where to start this time. Thanks a lot in advance!

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      Iain Duncan
      Mar 30 2023 | 4:29 pm
      I am not positive, but I think this sort of thing is covered in the Andy Farnell book, "Designing Sound", which will written for Pd, is easy to port to Max. It's excellent. I'm not home now so can't check for leaves, but I feel like wind and leaf type stuff is in there.
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      Mar 30 2023 | 6:33 pm
      depending on the degree of realism required, looking at cataRT or Mubu-CataRT might be preferable. Although in essence they both are granular processes.
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      Werner de Valk
      Apr 01 2023 | 8:29 am
      Thanks a lot, those are both great tips! I'll check them out :)