Ruthless max6 demo time with system time change?

    May 07 2013 | 12:20 am
    First off, I own a copy of max 5 on my main laptop which is currently in for repairs.
    On my interim laptop, I downloaded max 6 demo with the 30 day trial period. i have a show in 5 days and 12 days respectively, so the 30 days would be enough to cover those dates. Out of curiosity, i put my system clock BACK a week and loaded max and my demo days went from 18 left to 11 left. Freaking out a little, I reset it to the actual current date hoping to see my demo time allotted reset to its original actual amount, and it went from 11 days left to FOUR DAYS LEFT.
    So, I lost fourteen days of demo time by not changing the date in the end.
    Luckily, I can still download the max 5 demo (or put my max 5 key actually in here, i think) and just let it ride.
    I guess this is a thread of warning for those curious folk like myself. Don't lie to max 6. Don't say it's tomorrow nor yesterday, because max 6 hates liars and will punish you both ways.

    • May 07 2013 | 12:10 pm
      The PACE CP has always been, as you say, ruthless about time changes behind its back.
      I once was working a gig on a borrowed MacBook where the battery was dead and the machine could only be run with mains power. But, if I forgot to reset the time on startup, the Max CP got bolshy, particularly with a sudden date change back into the 70s (most Macs are built to reset the clock to the birthdate of one of the machine developers when the clock's battery goes south). I actually managed to remember to set the clock every time before I ran Max… up to the show :-(
      There was a solution, but it's not something I talk about on this list.
      Moral: don't mess with the System time if you want your 30 days. But you know that now.-