sadam tcpReceiver and buffering

    Feb 15 2013 | 3:36 pm
    I'm experimenting with a control surface that supports OSC connections over TCP and tried to use sadam.tcpReceiver. After a few experiments using telnet from a terminal window and with a simple python server to test that telnet was working properly, it seems that sadam.tcpReceiver is buffering all input and nothing gets sent out until I close the connection.
    Is there a way to make sadam.tcpReceiver send out bytes either immediately, or when a CR character (say) is sent?

    • Feb 15 2013 | 5:09 pm
      true, the input is being buffered as long as the connection is open. This was a design decision rather than a bug, the reason being that one can't rely on the TCP buffer size used by the remote sender, hence if the remote sender is trying to send data that is bigger than the remote TCP buffer, then the data will arrive in multiple subsequent TCP packages. As the input is buffered, these chunks would be merged automatically by the receiver so that the end-user wouldn't need to take care about this.
      On the other hand, you're absolutely right, this requires the closing-and-reopening of the connection after each sent message if buffering them is not an option for you, which generates unnecessary network overhead. I am working on a bidirectional TCP server object for a while which will give a good alternative, but never got to the point when I could have considered it done.
      Alternatively, I could also add a flag to the object where the user could turn off buffering in the next release of the library (which won't happen in the very near future, but I'm expecting to make an update soon -- there are already two new objects and some bug fixes waiting to be published).
      Hope that helps, Ádám
    • Feb 15 2013 | 5:44 pm
      Buffering is not an option --- I want to send fader changes from a touch surface.