Sample analysis to visual feedback.

    Apr 03 2013 | 10:34 pm
    I'm looking for any logical or object based solutions or ideas you lovely people maybe have for a problem I've been contemplating.
    I'm using the QuNeo to slice/hand granulate samples in my set. What I want to do is analyze the sample as it's loaded and take average peak amplitude values for each period corresponding to a location on my QuNeo and apply them to the LED colour so I can easily determine where the notes in my sample exist just by looking at the controller.
    I would like to be doing some kind of static sample analysis but I can't think of a way (maybe there's an object y'all can add to my vocabulary for this one). I've been looking at weird workarounds that involve playing the sample through silently when it loads and trying to pick up on average amplitudes but this seams like a really ignorant way to go about it.
    Thanks for your attention, cheers.