Sampling patch UI info

    Aug 27 2009 | 4:34 pm
    This is a pretty general question but something I am always worrying about. I mess around a lot with GUI ideas and methods of interacting with my patches, most often with multi-touch via TUIO. Most MT apps are full screen so the input resolution is easily scaled to the display though which drives me nuts. Since I am always using some thrown together mixer, matrix, and whatever, I don't full screen.
    To deal with this I made a patch to update the window location by hitting a thispatcher object with a metro, the routing the window rect, and location to a zl change, onto the scale update. My question is, am i putting too much work load on the thispatcher object?
    The max to multi-touch patching system I use (MMF from Mathieu Chamagne) uses a JS to update where the UI objects are by banging a this.patcher JS which pings where the objects are. When i have tried throwing a metro on the JS so I can move objects freely and have the input update, it will crash max half the time. (And when I set the metro speed to slow it looses the natural feel of real time updates).
    it's too bad I can't try and make something in C to handle this..for now though, am I unrealistic to want to be sampling this kind of scene data in real time?

    • Aug 29 2009 | 5:59 am
      .....I think I hear crickets..
    • Aug 29 2009 | 11:01 am
      trying to understand
      Are you recording where windows, objects and things are positioned and their sizes? etc. and then you hit a button in a patch to move everything into preset position?
      sorry if i am totally off track. but i noticed no one had replyed to you.
      incidentally i was playing with moving wiindows around and stuff using a mouserecorder that would set up all my programs and projects and windows in the possition i wanted them on the start up of my OS each morning (windows xp). not as fancy as what it sounds like you are doing , but it works. ( however you lose your mouse cursor during these operations:(
      tell more maybe upload a patch?
      you say msp crashes...i would think that it would be your OS/bios/cpu running into trouble ( how fast is you cpu?)
      however,i was loading a patch full on today ,piping lots of data through it and msp crashed for the first time ever!...i checked out my cpu usage and it was up at 100 percent on one core. ( and my bios is tuned real nice too so ?! who knows maybe it was msp?!) oh wait i use xp ...haha yep definitely the weakest link lol :P
    • Aug 29 2009 | 3:11 pm
      I am also on xp which is an issue everyone and a while with max. So using the MMF multi touch system, I created my interface patch and then the patch will ping the location of everything in the scene. When you add a touch, it checks in a coll which stores the UI objects locations to see if you added a touch within a controllable UI object. Since it uses the locations of the object in relation to the top left corner (0,0) when I am not in fullscreen mode, the touches and objects are out of sync.
      What I do to make up for this is put a metro 20 on a this patcher object then a route location to zl change. Lastly, when a touch is added I subtract where the window currently is from my added touch location (this way when I move the window to the middle of my screen, for example, and touch an object in the top left corner of my patch, it comes up as something much closer to (0,0) instead of the mdidle of screen (1300,800 o so).
      To be able to freely grab my patch window and move it around my screen, then multi-touch interact with it, I need to constantly be updating this info. When I have tried to do the same thing with my object themselves by metro banging the JS grabbing the scripting named object info (the UI objects) it will crash max. Sampling the thispatcher object seems much more reliable, but still I am hoping to get some info/opinions about if this is the best way and how much workload I am putting on my patch.
    • Aug 29 2009 | 3:50 pm
      might have a solution.
      I think i understand now, so when you move the patcher window the positions are out of alignment/sync with your external device...If you were to leave your patcher in one place it would be all cool right?!.
      Im on ubuntu right now with multi desktops, If xp had that you could keep your patcher in one position and flick to an alternative desktop to access other programs and icons on the 2nd desktop.
      wow check this out : multi desktops for XP.
      Virtual Desktop Manager
      just a long shot i'm probably wrong because i need things right in front of me to fully understand ,but if i'm right this might be one cool thing to mess with..
      teqy :)
    • Aug 29 2009 | 4:09 pm
      cool can make it swivel round in cube form...
      or save power and just switch normally . hopefully you can use the keyboard to switch or on the desktop panel