save data with patch without 'preset'

    Jan 26 2014 | 9:57 pm
    Hi everyone, Almost my entire hair is laid out before me for I cannot get a simple M4L patch to recall values correctly. We're talking of a textedit object that lets me change colors, the font and font size, but whenever I load the patch the colors are set to '0 1 1 1', font size to the smallest and the first font is being selected. I messed with pattr objects but sometimes it worked and sometimes not, the pattr object bound to a umenu (fontname) never recalled the previously chosen font. The reason I don't want to use the pattrstorage and preset objects is because I need to manually save the .json preset file whenever I change anything, I didn't find out how an automatic saving of a preset (only one required) could be directed relatively to the path of the current live set so that the preset files would only be found in the folder one works with. I am sure there will be a simple solution, I just don't seem to get it!
    >>> The Textedit object's settings need to be automatically saved with the Live set without any further steps.
    Doable? Yes!! How??? Thank You!!!!