Saving function object states with pattrstorage

    Sep 19 2007 | 5:00 am
    I can't seem to save the function object using autopattr. Most of the funciton objects I am using are within bpatchers but in each bpatcher is an autopattr with arguments @autoname 1.
    I have been using the old preset object for now but I assume we should be able to use autopattr or is there a reason we don't?

    • Sep 19 2007 | 5:16 am
      I have successfully used pattrstorage with function. I did explicitly name the function object (wouldnt think you need to with autoname on) and used autopattr.
      I found that you need to explicitly name the bpatcher object in order for all the pattr'ed objects inside to be recognized.
      Also, regardless of what the state of the bpatcher'ed function object is when you save the parent patch, when you open the parent patch again the function will revert to the state saved in the original bpatcher patch (make sense?). However, when you recall a saved pattrstorage state, the function object should respond.
      I've had good experiences with it...its also very interesting to interpolate between saved function states in pattrstorage...though it gets pretty crazy if the saved function states use different numbers of points!
    • Sep 23 2007 | 3:12 am
      yeah, the same can be said for the multislider. different number of data points and the pattr doesn't know what to do, though that's pretty obvious when you think about it. It still behaves fine, but the new points appear all at once at the new preset / slot. Makes sense.
      I'd use the same number of points in your function for your slot storage and you'll be all set. Or use the multislider which will let you draw some curves in there. There's also been some talk about curve-enabled function editors on the forum, sounds like lp.scampf worked well for that. A great addition to the Max family.