saving in presets in runtime

    May 12 2008 | 4:03 pm
    Hi all
    I'm building a patch for a friend of mine that does not have max msp. So he will be using runtime.
    My patch will include several [preset] objects. So how can he save and keep his own presets in runtime.
    I have searched the forum for this and dug up a "cassiel.registry" suggestion in a topic.
    Also, I thought of looking into building standalone application. After reading in the Max 4.6 reference documentations, things are still not very clear for me on how standalones work.
    Last, in runtime, why is there a dimmed "save and save as" in the file menu. Is there a way to activate these, so my friend could save his presets.
    Having really tried to figure all of this out on my own, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a million