Saving Matrix Setups - possible bug (MAX's or mine)

    Apr 24 2006 | 4:52 pm
    Hi All,
    I'm building a patch that uses the Matrixctrl object to as a step sequencer, but I've found a problem that, and I'm wondering if someone has a solution or workaround.
    Using autopattr and pattrstorage, I've found that there is a limit to how big a matrix can be and still store data. Smaller matrixctrl's accurately commuincate with autopattr and pattr storage, but larger ones do not.
    Any ideas how I can save matrix states in large matrices? To complicate things, the matix appears IN a bpatcher IN another bpatcher - so, it's 2 levels below sea level, if that makes sense. :)
    Any thoughts?

    • Apr 24 2006 | 5:23 pm
      On Apr 24, 2006, at 12:52 PM, joelsquare wrote: > Any ideas how I can save matrix states in large matrices?
      How large are talking about? I've done 10x64 without a problem.
      ----- Nathan Wolek
    • Apr 24 2006 | 5:36 pm
      Any size which x3 >= 4094 exceeds the current limit of getbytes, which is used to allocate memory for pattr. Hopefully, a future version of Max or pattr will address this. For the moment, you can't do anything about it without breaking the matrixctrl into separate, smaller objects.
    • Apr 24 2006 | 5:37 pm
      Thanks for replying...
      I've found that 48 X 28 works, but 49 X 28 doesn't.
      48 X 28 gives a string of data in the 'Client Window' in pattrstorage, while 49 X 28 shows nothing in pattrstorage. BUT 49 X 27 does.
      Cheers -j
    • Apr 24 2006 | 5:51 pm
      Ahhhh... that explains it.
      Any thoughs on a clever workaround that won't require me breaking the matrix up?
      Thanks for your replies guys, Joel
    • Apr 24 2006 | 6:05 pm
      I had a stupid thought the other day about saving matrices. You might try using a base 62 system and store your binary rows in apha- numeric symbols. you can get 29 cells worth from 5 characters. get row would give binary numbers.
      quick'n'dirty -matt
    • Apr 24 2006 | 6:26 pm
      On Apr 24, 2006, at 2:05 PM, matthew aidekman wrote: > get row would give binary numbers.
      The problem with "getrow" is the lack of a "setrow" message. Sure you can parse it (which I've done), but it would be so much simpler with the proposed partner message.
      ----- Nathan Wolek
    • Apr 24 2006 | 6:35 pm
      i have managed to save large matrix (127*96) info using the good old preset object. it was also buried in a bpatcher. i was using it for sequencing as well
    • Apr 24 2006 | 6:38 pm
      I've managed to do it using the preset object BUT...
      My matrix is in a bpatcher, IN another bpatcher, so, I'm not sure if there is a solid way to to presets like that? Do you think?
    • Apr 24 2006 | 6:50 pm
      You can probably rig something up using jitter. May be more clinky than using preset though. Just a thought...
    • Apr 24 2006 | 7:08 pm
      i don't know if you've tried this but, look at the bpatcher inspectors and 'embed patch in parent'. that did the trick for me in any case