Saving Nested Pattrstorage Objects and their Controlling Presets

    Oct 05 2015 | 6:40 pm
    I'm trying to create a standalone that has two preset objects, let's call them "Songs" and "Patterns". The "Songs" preset controls a Pattrstorage object named "sPatt" and is located in the top-level patcher. "Patterns" controls a Pattrstorage object named "pPatt". These objects are inside a bPatcher "pPatch". I would like a selected preset in Songs, say "Song1" to control the entire "contents" of the "Patterns" preset object. If someone selects or saves Songs.preset (1), I'd like to also save all of the presets under "Patterns" in their current stored state. I would like to be able to store many "Songs", each with their own separate complement of "Patterns". I have tried what seems to be every conceivable combination of Pattrstorage objects, settings and parameters, and have "come close" a few times. I know that I can save the preset or pattrstorage files separately, but I'd like the user to only select the desired "Song" and have all of the "Patterns" associated with it be available in the "Patterns" Preset.
    Any advice or direction will be appreciated. If anyone would like to teach me how to do this, I would certainly be willing to compensate fairly for your expertise...