Saving prototypes in m4l?

    Apr 06 2014 | 7:43 am
    Hi people - a real quick question on prototypes. Im a newbie at this, and only recently realised you could save prototypes of objects. Problem is, in M4L, i save them, it pops up the little window to name the prototype, i name it, hit enter, and it just doesnt work - the newly 'saved' prototype doesnt appear in the menu, even after reloading M4L entirely. I even found the folders where i think the prototypes should be, and nothing there (bar the pre-existing ones).
    So - can i confirm this works in M4L, and is there perhaps something im missing? Huge thanks in advance, getting this working would save me a lot of redoing the same settings again and again.

    • Apr 06 2014 | 9:01 am
      i can't remember the exact scenario now, as this has been around a long time, but if you're on windows this is to do with running Live as admin. iirc correctly, if you run live as admin, you can't save prototypes in m4l. on the other hand, if you don't run live as admin, you can't drag and drop stuff onto Live. catch 22... it's either that or the other way round.. Ableton and C74 are aware of the issue, but first raised it during Live 9 beta which was some time ago now...
      btw, if you're on Mac, no idea :)
    • Apr 06 2014 | 12:06 pm
      aha - im on windows, so that might well be my answer. Huge thanks for that, im not sure i would have ever worked that one out - your assistance is greatly appreciated.