sc3~ and Extras Menu

    Nov 22 2009 | 3:01 pm
    My extras menu stopped working, indicating another "extras" in the search path - After a search, I eventually found that the sc3~ folder, which, similar to the SuperCollider folder structure, has and "extras" folder. I renamed it, but I'm wondering if this will interfere with the functionality of the external.

    • Nov 22 2009 | 3:52 pm
      Yikes, sorry about that. Funny, my 'extras' keep on working even with multiple instantiations of the [sc3~] object. I guess you got lucky. But it certainly is a conflict.
      I'm not sure what damage renaming the folder might do to [sc3~]. I'm not all that familiar with many of the SC3 components, and it looks like this is associated with JITlib, some kind of time-management system for live-coding.
    • Nov 22 2009 | 4:12 pm
      Yeah, it's odd, I wonder why it's interfering with mine but not yours? Either way, as far as I can tell, all the help files seem to be working just fine. Will let you know if I run into anything else!