sc3~ and max 4 live

    Oct 15 2011 | 8:43 am
    long time since I've been here : ) M4L convinced me to get back into Max, but I have all my SuperCollider stuff I'd like to integrate. I could do it with OSC etc. but the sc3~ object seems neat. This causes quite troublesome hangs in Max and Live, can't quite put my finger on it. Only got sound out of it once, which seems more of an accident. Did anyone get this to work? Anything I should look out for? I think the problem could be the timing of things that, with the sc server booting etc.
    help and/or suggestions much appreceated,
    ps when opening the patch for editing I get the error: bad read on audio data socket! console doesn't even report sc right now, though it did before, haven't got a clue. did get this before: 15/10/11 10:25:02 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] SuperCollider 3 server ready.. 15/10/11 10:25:20 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] ERROR: 15/10/11 10:25:20 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] server failed to start 15/10/11 10:25:33 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] WARNING: 15/10/11 10:25:33 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] server 'mmscsynth' not running. 15/10/11 10:25:35 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] WARNING: 15/10/11 10:25:35 [0x0-0x1d01d][273] server 'mmscsynth' not running.
    15/10/11 10:26:18 [0x0-0x1d01d] bad input data read from socket! 0 bytes 15/10/11 10:26:18 [0x0-0x1d01d] /quit sent 15/10/11 10:26:18 [0x0-0x1d01d] quit done 15/10/11 10:26:18 [0x0-0x1d01d] /quit sent (the quit is me killing scsynth by hand)