scaling without getting outside the frame ...

    Mar 30 2006 | 10:47 pm
    hi, list;
    spent some time on that problem now and couldn't find exactly what i was looking for in the archives, so i dare posting this question now. sorry if it's brought on before:
    i want to zoom in and scroll around inside an image/a movie using the "scale" and "position" messages on a [] object - is there an EASY way to make sure that i'm never getting into the black area (= outside the picture).
    is there a better or more convenient way to achieve this scrolling like effect like in adobe photoshop ? i gave the "srcdim" and "dstdim" messages a try but they don't really do what i'm looking for and it seems quite difficult to get a distinct zoom-like effect using them.
    precisely what i want to do is: to zoom into a picture, scroll around, then zoom even more into it - staying in the last position. then zoom out again and, regardless what position i have, never getting into the black.
    if somebody has already made an effort on this - please give advice or post a patch
    thank you