Scratching with midi fader

    Jun 23 2008 | 12:51 am
    Hi everyone !
    I am currently experimenting with different objects to get a sound file scratched.
    Does someone have experiance on that ? If possible with Max 5 because i am using that version
    I am pretty new to Max Msp to clear that out ;) and english is not my native language.
    Thank you in advance !
    Naqoyqatsi ***********
    Some additional information:
    I tried the Ms Pinky Vinyl controll but i could manage that. Same with mpg2buf~.
    The best solution would be a scalable time frame in which i can scratch back and forth. For eg. 2 sec back and 2 sec forward.
    Scubbing through the file does not lead to smooth position changes. I only managed to change the current speed by manipulating the sig~ (Signal) that leads into a buffer~. The next thing was messureing the current speed of the fader by counting bangs (bang is given for every midi/position change) in a certain time. But now i am pretty stucked.

    • Jun 23 2008 | 3:10 am
      The wave~ object lets you set ranges for reading from a buffer~. It's useful for stuff like this. Try this:
      Hopefully that gives you some ideas : )
    • Jun 23 2008 | 11:00 am
      Thank you skrasms !
      I just received your messege and ill immediately gave it a try. Seems that your patch could be an important part of the solution. I managed to get your patch working with mp3s. I ll now play around, and if i got something that is worth showing ill post the patch here afterwards. Many thanks, i was stuck :)
      greetings Naqoyqatsi