Scripting messages

    Apr 07 2013 | 10:13 pm
    Is there somewhere I can find a list of all the scripting messages that can be sent to thispatcher? I came across a few (like zoomfactor (and bindto?)) while reading other posts, but I cannot seem to find the complete possible list anywhere.
    Thanks in advance for your help! D

    • Apr 08 2013 | 5:38 am
      Click on a thispatcher object to select it. Choose "Open thispatcher Reference" from the Help menu Everything is listed there. Unlike the help file (which focuses on regular and common use), the Refpage is the be-all/end-all.
    • Apr 08 2013 | 7:44 am
      Hi, Thanks for your reply.
      Yes I did that (and that's why I asked) because I saw on someone's post that they sent the message 'zoomfactor' yet it's not listed on the refpage.
    • Apr 08 2013 | 2:57 pm
      If the lack of listing is an oversight, I'll make sure it's updated (and check on whether there's anything else not listed).