Scripting Presentation mode based on screen resolution

    Nov 04 2011 | 1:44 am
    Hey everyone, I just spent a good 6 hours trying to formulate a workaround for making my patch's presentation mode adjust according to the computers screen resolution but fell short. I was using [screensize] along with some math functions (%'s of screen real estate) in order to move around a bpatcher which worked to a certain extent once I got a hold of [thispatcher] but with more extreme changes in screen resolution, this did not cut it. I guess I could have just scripted it for all objects in the presentation, but that was the purpose of using a bpatcher... not to mention the time it would take. So I'm looking for any input of a better way to accomplish this? If your wondering why... it's because I will be installing this on a large variety of older to newer laptops.
    Any one find a better solution to this problem?
    Thanks in advance!