Scroll Window Quickly

    May 23 2010 | 8:03 pm
    I'm making a patch for live work, so quickness is a main factor in doing things. i want to know if theres a way to make the window scroll to the left/right in a very quick manner, or if theres a sort of way around it that does the same thing. (like setting the focus on an object thats outside of the screen to the left and to set focus on it, you hit a hotkey)
    i use the left/right keys on the keyboard, but they arent fast at all. the speed of the mouse roller is good enough for up/down movement. so i basically am looking for a speed as fast as, or faster than that.

    • May 25 2010 | 12:28 am
      Control+left/right arrow should move left/right in chunks, but it might not be fast enough. You can do whatever scrolling you want with javascript though:
      function scroll_window(x,y) {
      from the patch outside, it would be a message:
      scroll_window $1 $2
      this accesses the named function in the javascript. lots of possibilities there.
      so you could save presets of the x and y coordinates, maybe access the extent of the horizontal using the keys "asdf", where each one sets a new x coordinate, by activating the right preset.
      Or you could use the "aoeu" keys if you've realized that QWERTY is totally stupid and inefficient and from the nineteenth century, and instead you use Dvorak, which is awesome. (though I will admit it was really tough to switch)
      off-topic but couldn't help it :)