SDK 6.0.4 channel assignment for Max 6 problem

    Sep 25 2012 | 6:52 pm
    Hi, forum, not sure what's wrong here, but when I do a simple channel check to input stereo and directly copy to output stereo with the new Max 6 dsp routine, something strange happens - When I play a stereo music in, the output stereo is a pseudo mono - same left/right channels of contents. Here's my code below:
    // this is 64-bit perform method for Max 6 void myexternal_perform64(t_myexternal *x, t_object *dsp64, double **ins, long numins, double **outs, long numouts, long sampleframes, long flags, void *userparam) { t_double *inL = ins[0]; t_double *inR = ins[1]; t_double *outL = outs[0]; t_double *outR = outs[1]; int n = sampleframes;
    // this perform method simply copies the input to the output, offsetting the value while (n--) { *outL++ = *inL++ ; *outR++ = *inR++ ; } }
    If I specifically zero the right channel out, it performs as expected, just i can't pass through a stereo signal as is... Anybody encounters the same issue?