Searching for a summer internship (Bay Area CA, but open to travel)

    Apr 24 2013 | 8:08 am
    Hi ya'll,
    I thought I would post on the long shot I'd find something. I am a Philosophy, Electronics, and Multimedia Art student at UC Santa Cruz, and I am looking for the coolest summer internship ever. The bay area is preferred, though I'm willing to travel. I have coding experience, a sense of humor, and a mighty fine brain (well, I for one think so...).
    In any case, I'm open to any and all possibilities. Please do send me a message with any requests for a resume, more information, or whatever's interesting, really AMA. I will link to a personal website with more information soon. In the meantime you can find some tidbits at: Thank you for being an amazing community, I am honored to have discovered it, and be so welcomed.