searching for information about lanbox lcx- digital outputs

    Feb 08 2006 | 10:27 am
    I am working on an art research project about synaesthesia and liveart and am in the process of constructing an instrument that is built around notions of synaesthesia- extending the capabilities of a pump (reed/parlor) organ from 1895 via physical computing so that when played it will emit combinations of sound, light, projected imagery, aromas, etc,
    If you would like to take a look, my project website is here: http://
    I have a problem that I need to solve, and suspect that there might be someone on this list who can help me.
    I need to control a set of 8 push-type magnet solenoids via the digital output of a lanbox lcx. I have a custom built box that will connect to the 37 pin connector for this purpose. I am using max 4.5/ mac os x. I have previously used the max examples available for control of lights, but I am unsure about the digital outputs. My questions are: What kind of data is needed to be sent? Do you know of any documentation about this (can't find it in the lanbox documentation files/website) and do you know about any existing max patch examples for this purpose?
    with best wishes