Seeking a matching list for a live.grid drum sequencer.

    Mar 18 2014 | 1:54 pm
    I've returned to working on my drum sequencer and while I have basic functionality down, I want to make the overall patcher more efficient in the way data is accessed.
    Specifically, I have a note-on message from Lemur for iPad sent to my patch. The message is, for example, "16 127" (note + velocity). I want this message to match up with a specific command "setcell 1 7 1" on my live.grid. The basic functionality of this can be achieved by using the 'match' object, but I'm staring down making 128 separate and unique match objects with a ton of cables. I see this as potentially weighing down the efficiency of my patcher.
    I believe I just need a match object for lists. Something that retrieves a specific set of data when another used as an input. The input data is a list of two numbers (note + velocity) that retrieves a specific command ("setcell x y z"), and then output that data.
    I feel like coll and jit.cellblock are the most promising objects i could use, but after poking around them a bit last night I'm not sure they will work quite as intended.
    Can anyone give me any guidance on how to best use these objects, or is there another method I'm not seeing?
    thanks for your guidance!