Select device from M4L so that it gets the "blue hand logo" on it too

    Feb 11 2010 | 7:51 pm
    So, is it possible to do this?
    The thing is that I want to be able to choose a device from max4live so that it selects a device for the 8 APC40 "device control" rotarys. ie getting the "blue hand" logo on a specified device... Thanks for all help.

    • Feb 12 2010 | 1:14 pm
      I'd like this too, that way i could ensure that selecting the track viz the apc40's track select button would automatically jump to my patch an not to the last selected device in the rack...
      Any clues anybody, i'm a little disapointed with the latest version of max4live still not having any further information on the control surfaces... Cycling team when might we expect this??
      Cheers D
    • May 31 2010 | 10:42 pm
      Any news on this I would also like to do this. Would be extremely useful for the APC40.
    • Jun 04 2010 | 6:25 pm
      path live_set view
      call select_device idNN
      Can't believe i missed this
      Cheers D
    • Mar 06 2016 | 10:49 pm
      Hi! Can you demonstrate how to make these calls? I am trying to get a device selected and everything I try doesn't work. I use an API call to select the track but when I then call "select_instrument" or the "select device id 8", for example the device won;t light up as active. I'm stumped.
    • Mar 10 2016 | 9:36 am
      call select_device id 8 i beleive still works?
      Cheers D