Selecting objects in a LOCKED patcher

    Apr 19 2007 | 7:51 am
    I posted this to the javascript list but there isn't much traffic there at the moment. I've worked through the examples and tutorials but now find I need some more examples.
    In short, I need to know the javascript method for point-in-rect.
    More specifically, I would like to click while depressing shift or some other modifier that does not have a meaning in a locked patcher and have a javascript report the name, type and rect of the object located at the mouse click. I have kludged this with the output of patchdescribe-example.pat and a very messy max patch. I am sure there is a simple javascript way of doing this.
    The input would be the coordinates of the mouse click when the modifier key is depressed. Java would search all of the objects and report info on the first one it finds whose rectangle includes the point at the mouse click or a bang if it searches the entire list without finding an object.
    Cheers Gary Lee Nelson Oberlin College