Send, to Syphon?

    Jun 15 2011 | 9:56 am
    I'm a bit confused as to the most efficient way of using sketch and text2d with syphon.
    I can draw to the screen fine but how do I get the results to the Syphon Server?
    If I convert to a matrix then presumably this goes from Opengl to cpu and back.
    Not sure how to get a texture output which I can feed into the Syphon Server.
    I'm sure its basic stuff but I cant suss it out,
    Any ideas?

    • Jun 15 2011 | 4:03 pm
      Syphon Server needs a 'texture' to be input. So what you need to do is "render to texture" in Jitter. In Jitter land, there are two techniques to do this. One is @capture, where you specify an existing named object you own as another "OB3D" rendering objects @capture attribute.
      So. mycontext @name foo mycontext @capture foo
      Now, the will not show up on screen. It renders off screen into the texture named foo. Then bang and send that to Syphon Server.
      The "issue" with @capture is it works only on a per object basis. How to capture an entire scene? The solution is to use @capture with, and use drawobject (If memory serves) capablity, coupled with @automatic 0 for the things you want in your scene.
      So, in this case, you would have
      a context and window named mycontext mycontext @name foo mycontext @capture foo mycontext @automatic 0 @name text mycontext @servername capturedemo
      Now, sketch draws to the texture, the the texture goes to syphon, and you tell sketch to manually draw the text2d named "text". Search the forum for examples, I have posted some as have many others.
      This is from memory, some specifics may be different.
    • Jun 15 2011 | 7:23 pm
      Thanks for the pointers - I'm still a bit confused by all of this tbh. I had a go with @capture but got confused by layers. Then I cobbled this together from a few clippings I found. It uses the to_texture method - is this a suitable way of achieving it?